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PCB Prototyping
Are you new to PCB prototyping?
Even if you are new to getting PCB prototypes manufactured, you are certainly not new to us. We are proud that hundreds of students, hobbyists, and PCB designers get their first PCB prototypes made from us. And once they try us, they keep coming back!

We suggest you do the following to get started with us.
Read this article from Nuts & Volts magazine: 'Read this article (pdf)'.
Glance through our glossary of PCB terms. Also see the Wikipedia article on PCBs
Carefully read our FAQ. It will tell you who we are, what we provide, and what are the dos and don'ts for ordering on our site.
See a list of our PCB Fabrication capabilities here. See a list of our PCB Assembly capabilities here.
Finally, you will have to send us your design files. You can use programs like ORCAD, Valor, Accel/Tango/PCAD, Protel, or even free programs like Eagle to design your PCB prototypes. Remember to send us gerber files in the Extended Gerber format (Gerber 274 X).
  • If you need further assistance, please contact us. We will be happy to help.
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Other resources: For an exhaustive list of PCB Design Resources, click here.
  • I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley and I recently got boards fabricated from PCBFABEXPRESS. You guys did a fantastic job on my boards. My project is finished now and the results will be presented at the ESSCIRC conference. I greatly appreciate help and timely support from your team. Looking forward to working with you again in near future.
    N Mehta (Student at University of California, Berkeley)
  • I have had several boards done by PCB Fab Express. Easy ordering, quick response, great service, good pricing and quality boards. I use your service for all my prototyping needs.
    Dean Lucero (Watermill Express Brighton, CO)
  • The boards that I received were of incredible quality. I could not be happier with your product. I would purchase from PCBFABEXPRESS again in a heartbeat!
    Mike Burch (Apache Junction, AZ)
  • We have been very pleased with PCBFABEXPRESS' performance, quality, speed of delivery, and pricing.Keep up the good work. You all blow away your competition!
    Al Dutcher ( Senior RF Scientist, Sure ID, Marlton, New Jersey)
  • Your boards are first rate and the service is excellent. You are at the top of our list of PCB vendors.
    Ray Kauffman (Chief Engineer Electronic, Devices Inc. Chesapeake, VA)
  • Absolutely satisfied…The boards are exactly as I designed and are of high-quality! I have another design in process, and will undoubtedly select PCBFABEXPRESS as the vendor.
    Jeffrey Marchal (PCB Designer, United Technologies, West Palm Beach, FL
  • This was my first prototype with you and I could not have asked for it to go more smoothly. The speed and ease of your service adds great value to my business.
    George Kirkwood (PCB Designer, Washington)
  • Just want to drop a note and say thanks for the nice work. You were a pleasure to work with. Other board houses can't hold a candle to your service as far as I'm concerned. You were responsive, helpful, and have a more robust product and delivery.
    Carl Wagner (Hobbyist, Upper Saddle River, NJ)
  • We have completely prototyped and designed the XGameStation game console with your services. The boards are always perfect, work the first time, and your customer service is #1. Highly recommened as the best PCB service on the net!
    Andre' LaMothe (XGameStation Developers, www.xgamestation.com)
  • Thanks for the greatest prototype service on the web. I have placed a few orders with you in the past and will keep on going...Thanks for the great, fast and high quality service you provide.
    Jose Quinones (Avayan Electronics)
  • I have ceased to shop the competition. The quality of your product is tops, and your prices and customer service have made you our sole source for prototype PCBs.
    Christopher Erickson (V.P. Engineering, IES Controls)
  • I have placed 2 orders with you so far and will place another soon. I just wanted to let you know that your service and quality is outstanding. Keep up the good work.
    Ken McKenzie (Component Design Inc. Scottsdale, AZ)
  • I received my boards and the quality was first rate. I never thought I could get quality circuit boards with the designators silk-screened for such a great price. I will be placing more orders in the future and I will recommend PCB Fab EXPRESS to my friends.
    Matt Tucker (Mesa Power Systems, Escondido, California)
  • I was very happy with the boards I got from PCB Fab Express. I will definitely order my next set of prototypes from you again.
    Sankaran Ganesan (Test Design Engineer, Cisco Systems)
  • I have ordered PCBs from you twice in the last few weeks. The quality on both orders was excellent. I will recommend your service to anyone in need of high-quality PCBs at extremely competitive price.
    Apratim Dixit (Bio-Mech Engg. Department, Stanford University)
  • We got real good service from your company and will continue to order boards from you!
    John M. (Cree, Inc. www.cree.com)
  • I have used PCB Fab Express to fabricate at least ten prototype orders. It has been an extremely positive experience and the quality of the boards has been excellent!
    Steven A. Stark (President, The Systems & Software Group, Cupertino, California)
  • Your boards are great, so is the service!
    Phill W. (Controls Engineer, ISTECH, Inc. York, PA 17404)
  • I would like to personally thank you for your quick response. We want our pcb vendor be responsive to requests, deliver products on time and be of the highest quality. PCBFABEXPRESS meets all these criteria and at very competitive prices. We have enjoyed working with you and look forward to additional projects in the future.
    Paul D. Smith (VP, Engineering ,HTE, Poway, California)
  • I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your service on all my orders. Your support people have been very helpful in resolving my CAD issues.
    Michael Von Ahnen (Principal Engineer, Watch Guard Video, Plano, Texas)
  • PCBFABExpress has consistently delivered excellent quality products to my company for years. Service is outstanding, and the price can't be beat!
    Thank you PCBFABExpress. Keep up the good work!
    Conrad Lindberg (Engineer, Fallbrook, CA)
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