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We can Custom Quote even the most complex PCB Fab and/or Assembly needs. An engineer evaluates your requirements and a Custom Quote is emailed to you in a few hours.

For your simpler standard technology designs, please use our Rapid Prototype Service for instant online quotes with best value pricing.


Special Notes

Is your design restricted by ITAR or EAR export control? ITAR: The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), issued by the Department of State, control the export of defense-related articles and services, including technical data, ensuring compliance with the Arms Export Control Act. EAR: The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) is a set of United States government regulations on the export and import of most commercial items. The U.S. Department of Commerce is responsible for implementing and enforcing EAR. PCB Fab Express is not accountable for any violation if the customer missed mentioning the ITAR or EAR Export Controlled upfront.


Are your Boards in an Array?* Arrays: In some cases, a PCB designer will put together multiple images of the same PCB together into one image. Such grouping of circuits is called an Array. This may be done to facilitate easy assembly of the PCBs, etc.
The individual boards may be separated by tabs (made using Route & Retain OR Scoring processes). For an Array, you must tell us overall Array dimensions, and also Number of Boards in the Array. You must also specify the dimensions of the individual PCB (which combined together make up the Array).
Note that for quoting, you must specify how many individual boards you need (NOT how many arrays). Example: Say each Array has 5 boards and you need 4 Arrays, then during quoting you must specify a quantity of 20.

(Individual Boards)
I need custom quote for

Boards Fabrication only
Boards Fabrication + Procure Components + Assembly Labor (Turnkey Assembly - PCBFabExpress will procure components)
Boards Fabrication + Assembly Labor Only (Consigned Assembly - customer will provide all components)
Fabrication Turntime
Load Gerber Files (.zip) or ODB++ (.tgz or .zip ). If Gerbers, then zip file should contain any Readme files or Fab Drawings and also drill files in Excellon format. If asking for Assembly quote, please include BOM file, Assembly drawings, and XYRS data.
Upload Upload your Files (Gerbers or ODB++)
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