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Use this custom quote form below if the PCB design you want to manufacture does not meet our Standard Technology Online Special.

We can quickly provide a custom quote for your more complex boards on quick turn times. We can quote any quantity-- from one piece to thousands--for both PCB Fabrication (and PCB Assembly if needed). Our prototype boards are generally manufactured in Sunnyvale, California.

We can also provide you offshore quotes for production quantities. We fabricate PCBs from 2 layers to 22 layers. Our capabilities include High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs, Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs and Rigid-Flex PCBs. For very sophisticated PCBs, we can go down to 1.25 mils (0.00125") trace width / spacing. We can service all your high-tech PCB requirements such as special materials, special thicknesses, blind/buried vias, metal cores, filled vias, stacked or staggered laser vias, 0.5 mm pitch BGAs, controlled impedance, etc. All quantities available and turn times can be as fast as 1 day.
You tell us what you need in the form below and we will quickly send you a quote by email!
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