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PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly
  • SMT as well as Through Hole
  • One-sided as well double-sided PCB assembly
  • Simple to very complex PCB assemblies
  • Capability to handle virtually any device including all types of BGAs, CGAs, QFNs, DFNs, CSPs and SONs
State of the art assembly equipment
State of the art assembly equipment
  • We use state of the art surface mount and through hole equipment including automatic Pick & place, BGA rework and X-Ray equipment, Reflow Ovens etc.

  • Optimized reflow processes to protect the PCB laminate and Components from temperature excesses and achieve highly reliable solder bonds.
Strong value in our assembly servicesGuaranteed
Why customers value our assembly services
  • PCBs fabricated and assembled in USA. Protect your intellectual property and get quick customer service when needed.
  • Cost-effective processes, due to advanced automation in our Silicon Valley based factories
  • Fast to standard turnaround times for assembly – from 1 day to standard 5 or 10 days or scheduled turns
  • Small to medium prototype volume to production level quantities available
  • Assemble the way you want it! Either with customer-supplied parts (Consigned assembly) or with parts procured by us (Turnkey assembly) or a combination of the two.
  • ISO certified processes leading to highest quality assembly
  • ESD discipline
  • On time delivery
  • Repeatability
Assembly Rework including BGA rework
Assembly Rework including BGA rework
  • Rework as per customer needs - Simple to highly complex.
  • BGA rework using state of the art BGA rework stations equipped with X-Ray machine.
  • We also offer BGA Reballing of those BGAs that are desoldered and customer wishes to use them again.
ROHS Compliance Services
ROHS Compliance Services
  • We offer fully ROHS compliant assembly services
  • We provide a complete transition path from existing Tin-lead solder based assembly to ROHS compliant assembly.
  • Our ROHS design conversion services span from BOM modifications to Board level design modifications as required by specific types of parts used in the existing design.
Turnkey Assembly and Consigned Assembly (both available)
Turnkey Assembly and Consigned Assembly (both available)
  • You may send us your components as a kit (consigned), or you may ask us for Turnkey assembly, i.e., we source the components.
  • Ability to source components from virtually any vendor/component manufacturer / component distributors around the globe.
  • Strong relationships with component suppliers.
  • Remove all the customer’s pains in sourcing components from various vendors, in planning leadtime issues, and in kitting.
Testing Services
Testing Services
  • Testing of PCB assemblies as per customer requirements is offered as an OPTION.
  • We also offer Test Plan design services in specific cases.
Design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback
Design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback
  • We offer comprehensive relevant DFM analysis feedback to the customer regarding the assemblies that are either in the design stage or are currently under manufacture.

GET CUSTOM QUOTE (for complex PCB Assemblies)  Get Rapid Prototype Service Online Quote(for simpler assembly jobs)

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