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PCB Part Number Part Number:You must specify your internal identification number (Part#) for the board. Specifying a Revision is recommended.

Revision Revision:You must specify your internal identification number (Part#) for the board. Specifying a Revision is recommended.

Layers Layers:How many layers does your circuit board have?

In this product, we can show you online prices up to 6 layers. Offline, our sales people can get you prices for up to 26 layer boards.

Board Dimensions



Surface Finish Surface Finish:
HASL: also called Leaded Solder: 63/37 Tin/lead solder application.

Immersion Gold: 3-10 microinches of gold over electroless nickel (ENIG).
This is also a lead-free finish.

Number of Holes Number of Holes Per Board: This is important because a board with too much hole density is complex and takes a lot of resources on the drilling machine. If your board has more than 80 holes/square inch on the average, you may not get an automatic quote on this product promotion, and a sales person may need to get involved.

(Per Board)

Electrical Testing Electrical Testing: Electrical testing is mandatory for all boards. This is the only way for any PCB manufacturer to ensure the product shipped has zero shorts or opens. Visual inspection can never be 100% effective. Especially, if the defect is under the solder mask, electrical test is the only way to catch it.

Is your design restricted by ITAR or EAR export control? ITAR: The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), issued by the Department of State, control the export of defense-related articles and services, including technical data, ensuring compliance with the Arms Export Control Act. EAR: The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) is a set of United States government regulations on the export and import of most commercial items. The U.S. Department of Commerce is responsible for implementing and enforcing EAR. PCB Fab Express is not accountable for any violation if the customer missed mentioning the ITAR or EAR Export Controlled upfront.

Are your boards set up as an Array? Arrays: In some cases, a PCB designer will put together multiple images of the same PCB together into one image. Such grouping of circuits is called an Array. This may be done to facilitate easy assembly of the PCBs, etc.
The individual boards may be separated by tabs (made using Route & Retain OR Scoring processes). For an Array, you must tell us overall Array dimensions, and also Number of Boards in the Array. You must also specify the dimensions of the individual PCB (which combined together make up the Array).
Note that for quoting, you must specify how many individual boards you need (NOT how many arrays). Example: Say each Array has 5 boards and you need 4 Arrays, then during quoting you must specify a quantity of 20.

Route and Retain Route and Retain: (Also known as Tab-rout) Tabs routed between each PCB for break-a-way. Unless otherwise noted, we use 100 mil (0.1") spacing between boards

Scoring Scoring: V-groove cut into both the top and bottom of the boards for break-away

Are you Quoting PCB Fabrication?   Yes      No - Just Assembly

Our Standard PCB Specs are

  • IPC-6012 Class 2 boards
  • FR4 - Lead free Material
  • 0.062" thick
  • HASL or ENIG finish
  • Min. Hole Size 0.010" or more
  • Min. Trace/Space 0.006"
  • 1 oz outer layer copper
  • 1 oz inner layer copper
  • Green LPI Soldermask
  • White Legend
  • No Cutouts/Slots
  • No Via-in-pad features
  • No Edge Plating needed
  • No Gold fingers
  • No Counterbores / Countersinks
  • No Controlled Impedance / Controlled Dielectric

Material Material Type: Different types of laminate available for PCB fabrication

Min. Hole Size Minimum Hole Size: Smallest finished hole size in inches.

Finished Thickness Finished Thickness: The total thickness of the board including all plating and final finishes


Gold Fingers Gold Fingers: Select whether your board has gold fingers. In this product promotion, we always bevel the gold fingers.Our standard bevel is 30 degrees X .020" +/- .005".


Outer Layer

Min. Trace Minimum Trace (Outer layer): Minimum trace width and spacing, expressed in inches.

(Outer Layer)

Min. Space Minimum Space (Outer layer): Minimum trace width and spacing, expressed in inches.

(Outer Layer)

Outer Layer Finish Copper Outer Layer Finish Copper: Number of ounces of copper per square foot on outer layers. Specify this as "finished" copper weight. 1 oz is most commonly used weight.

Solder Mask

Solder Mask Solder Mask: LPI: Liquid Photo Imageable mask


Solder Mask Sides Solder Mask Sides: How many sides to mask.

Solder Mask Color Solder Mask Color: Color of mask used to cover the PCB

Solder Mask Type Solder Mask Type: For this product we only offer LPI (Liquid Photo-Imageable) solder mask which is sufficient for most PCBs. For finer features, you can ask get Laser Direct Imaging LPI (LDI-LPI) through a custom quote from our sales team. Note that other kinds of solder mask (e.g. Dry Film) are now increasingly obsolete.

Solder Mask Finish Solder Mask Finish: Typically, soldermask has a Semi-gloss finish.

Silk Screen

Silk Screen Silk Screen: Reference characters to designate part locations


Silk Screen Sides Silk Screen Sides: Specify whether your design has Legend on Top or Bottom or Both sides?

Silk Screen Color Legend Color: Color of ink printed on the board. Typically, it is White.

Allow Vendor Markings on board Allow Vendor Markings on board: Vendor markings include Company Logo, UL marking, Flammability, etc. Such vendor markings will be put in Silkscreen.

Allow RoHS Marking where applicable Allow RoHS Marking where applicable: Yes - Put in RoHS marking if applicable (Recommended!)
No - Do not put any RoHS marking, even if applicable.

Internal Slots or Internal Cutouts? Internal Slots/ Internal Cutouts: Elongated holes used for component placement. These can be plated with copper or non-plated. In Web PCB product we allow up to 10 slots, cutouts, and notches per board. See details and restrictions in product page.

Edge Plating Edge Plating: This is a special requirement where the edges of the board are plated with copper.


Controlled Impedance Controlled Impedance: Specifying the cross-sectional area of a trace(s) and dielectric spacing to achieve a specific resistance Choose the impedance tolerance 5% or 10%. 10% means "10% or more" If less than 5% choose "Other"

Controlled Dielectric Controlled Dielectric: Specified thickness of the insulating layers between a signal and power or ground planes.


Counter Bore Counter Bore: A larger hole concentric with a smaller hole at a defined depth.


Counter Sink Counter Sink: A beveled hole opening allowing a screw head to fit flush with the surface.



Quantity of Individual Boards