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Brief  Description Brief Description
Standard Technology only.
No gold, no step and repeat.
Gerber RS-274X or ODB++ file needed.
Thickness Thickness
.062 inches
Minimum Line/Space Minimum
Down to 0.004" min trace/space allowed (4 mils)
Max. X or Y Dimension Dimensions
Max dimension 15.9"
Min. dimension 0.5"
Max Area of PCB: 100 Sq. Inches
Mask Mask
Green LPI.
Note: We may increase solder mask clearances to be 2 mils (0.002") over the feature size on each side.
Finish Surface Finishes
  • Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)
  • Lead-Free HASL (RoHS Compliant)
  • Distance between SMT pads Distance
    SMT pads
    This applies if you have SMT devices on your board.

    To create proper soldermask dams, we require a minimum 8 mils (0.008") spacing between adjacent SMT pads. Kindly ensure your design has that minimum spacing between SMT pads. If such spacing is not possible, we may gang-relieve the soldermask around those pads.
    Minimum Quantity Minimum
    No minimum quantity, even 1 PCB can be ordered.
    Annular Ring Annular
    0.005" minimum width of annular ring. (In other words, pad diameter has to be 0.010" more than the hole diameter). [ view details ]
    Restriction Restriction
    No gold allowed on the board
    The distance from the edge of the board to any copper feature must be minimum 10 mils (0.01")
    Do not use this online special if your job requires I.T.A.R. compliance. Instead, send file to support@pcbfabexpress.com for a custom quote.
    Payment Payment
    Credit Card ONLY Credit Card ONLY
    Material Material
    Copper Weight Copper Weight
    Outer Layers: 1 oz. Finished
    We start with 0.5 oz. Copper foil and after plating we end up with 1oz Finished Copper on outer layers.
    Inner Layers: 0.5 oz.
    Smallest Hole Hole Sizes
    Min. 0.008 inches (8 mils) Finished Hole allowed.
    Max 0.246 inches (246 mils) Finished Hole.
    Max 0.250 inches (250 mils) Non-Plated Hole.
    Maximum Area Maximum Area
    An individual board can be up to 100 square inches area.
    Silkscreen/ Legend Silkscreen/ Legend
    White, Component side (top side) only. Extra for silkscreen on both sides.
    Note that all legend should be at least 3 mils (0.003") away from copper features.
    Legend closer than that may be clipped by our program.
    Routing & Outlines Routing & Outlines
    Individual Routing expected. No Arrays.
    Board outline can have up to 8 Notches. Each notch must be at least 100 mils wide. Board can have rounded corners, but radius must be at least 31 mils (0.031"). Note that at least one corner of board must be 90 degrees. Board can have chamfered corners (45 degree chamfers).
    See example of notches and chamfers

    Requirements for Outlines and Filled Areas
    Minimum Quantity Slots & Cutouts
    Plated and non-plated slots are allowed.
    Non-Plated cutouts are allowed.
    Plated cutouts are NOT allowed.
    Maximum 10 slots/cutouts per board.
    Minimum width for slot/cutout is 24 mils.

    See example of cutouts and slots
    Other Details Other
    Your boards should AVERAGE no more than 75 holes per square inch.

    (AVERAGE = Total holes on one board/Area of one board)
    Restriction Restriction
    No Step and Repeat, no Scoring, and no Route and Retain allowed.We typically expect your Gerber files to have a SINGLE IMAGE of a SINGLE PCB. If you have MULTIPLE PARTS on one image, extra charges may apply. Contact support@pcbfabexpress.com for details.
    Inner Layers Inner
    Edge of drill hole to nearest adjacent copper feature must be at least 10 mils (0.010").
    If your boards don't meet the promotional specs above or they require Gold finish, Step & Repeat, Scoring, Tab Routing, UL Marking, Controlled Impedance/Dielectric, I.T.A.R. compliance or other special requirements or if you need pricing for production quantities, please ask us for a
    Custom Quote
    3 DAY, 5 DAY & 10 DAY TURN UNIT PRICES (for 10 sq" boards) For specs shown above these are representative prices and are subject to change. Please click Buy buttons to see the latest/actual prices.
    1 Board
    5 Board
    10 Board
    25 Board
    Prices for quantities 1 to 100 boards available
    2 Layers
    3 day
    5 day
    10 day
    $ 144.14
    $ 102.96
    $ 96.78
    $ 31.04
    $ 22.18
    $ 20.85
    $ 27.26
    $ 19.47
    $ 18.30
    $ 15.89
    $ 11.27
    $ 10.82
    1 Board
    5 Board
    10 Board
    25 Board
    Prices for quantities 1 to 100 boards available
    4 Layers
    3 day
    5 day
    10 day
    $ 308.88
    $ 237.60
    $ 223.34
    $ 67.27
    $ 51.74
    $ 48.64
    $ 60.84
    $ 46.79
    $ 43.99
    $ 40.68
    $ 28.85
    $ 27.70
    1 Board
    5 Board
    10 Board
    25 Board
    Prices for quantities 1 to 100 boards available
    6 Layers
    3 day
    5 day
    10 day
    $ 407.72
    $ 313.63
    $ 294.81
    $ 88.80
    $ 68.30
    $ 64.20
    $ 80.31
    $ 61.76
    $ 58.07
    $ 53.70
    $ 38.08
    $ 36.56

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