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2 Layer "Bare Bones" PCBs Specifications No Solder Mask, No Legend, Great Prices!
5 Day turns only.
Details about our Bare Bones PCBs
What is it?:
Our "Bare Bones PCBs" promotion is for simple 2 layer PCBs that do not have Solder Mask or Legend. Such PCBs may be useful when you have very simple applications for your PCB, and you are hand-soldering simple devices to your board.
However, if you are looking for PCBs that must HAVE soldermask and legend, please see our Standard PCBs offering

Our pricing for "Bare Bones PCBs" is based on the total square inches that your boards cover. There is a Lot Charge of $48 PLUS we add 68 cents per square inch. Example: for 10 pieces of a 2 X 2 PCB, total area is (2X2)X10 = 40 sq inches. The calculated price for this order is $48 + $0.68*40 =$75.20 (or $7.52 per pcb)
Bare Bones PCBs
Product Name
2 Layer "Bare Bones" PCBs
Brief  Description Brief Description
Standard Technology only, Gerber RS-274X file or ODB++ needed. No Mask. No Legend. All Savings.
Thickness Thickness
0.062 inches
Minimum Line/Space Minimum
6 mils (0.006")
Max. X or Y Dimension Max.
X or Y
10 inches X 16 inches
Mask Solder Mask
No Solder Mask
Finish Finish
Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)
SMT Pitch SMT Pitch
Minimum Quantity Minimum
Max. X Dimension Max. X Dimension
10 inches
Min. X Dimension
Restriction Restriction
Credit Card payment onlyCredit Card ONLY
2 Layer PCBs with No soldermask, No Silkscreen
Material Material
Copper Weight Copper Weight
1 oz copper
Smallest Hole Hole Sizes
Minimum 0.008 inches (8 mils) Finished Hole Size allowed.
(standard size is 0.012 inches)
Maximum Area Maximum Area
160 square inches
Legend Legend
No Legend
Routing & Outlines Routing & Outlines
Number of Slots Number of Slots
No Cutouts or Slots allowed
Other Details Other
We expect Bare PCBs to have plated holes only. Your board should not have more than 25 holes per sq inch anywhere.
Max. Y Dimension Max. Y Dimension
16 inches
Min. Y Dimension
Restriction Restriction
No testing
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